VoD Sample

Sample H.264/AAC

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deep Captura v 1.0 720p HD Streamer

* To play using Adobe Flash player (San Jose/Flash HTTP)
* To play using an Apple iOS device (Cupertino/Apple HTTP Live Streaming)
* To play using Microsoft Silverlight (Smooth Streaming)
* To play using RTSP/RTP player or device


Supported Desktop Browsers with Fallback Support
Mozilla Firefox 3.6+ Apple Safari 5.0.2+ Google Chrome 7+ Opera 10.6+ Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
Fallback Support For
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Netscape Navigator
Supported Formats
H.264/MPEG-4 Ogg/Theora WebM/VP8 AACPlus
Supported (Mobile) Browsers and Platforms
Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad with Apple iOS 3.2, 4+ Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad with Apple iOS 3.2, 4+ Android 2.2+ BlackBerry Smartphone OS 6+ and BlackBerry Playbook OS 1+ Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) HP webOS 3.0.4+ Mozilla Firefox Mobile 4+ (Fennec) for Android 4
Supported OS
Apple iOS Microsoft Windows Linux
Supported Players
Adobe Flash Apple Quick Time Microsoft Silverlight Windows Media Player
Supported Quality